Chinese Dictionary

The 101dict Chinese Dictionary is a dictionary with more than 200,000 entries. It supports English, German, French, and Hungarian translations based on the free dictionaries CC-CEDICT, HanDeDict, CFDICT, CHDICT, and CC-Canto. In addition, HSK and TOCFL vocabulary lists can be browsed. For Chinese characters, stroke order animations and Unihan information are available.


  • Search for Chinese words using Pinyin, Zhuyin (Bopomofo), or Chinese characters
  • Full-text search across all translations of all entries in the dictionary
  • Support of wildcards in search expressions
  • Translations in English, German, French, Hungarian
  • Word lists containing HSK and TOCFL vocabulary
  • Support of simplified and traditional Chinese characters
  • Support of various readings such as Mandarin or Cantonese
  • Support of measure words, HSK, and TOCFL test levels for individual entries
  • Stroke order animation of more than 9,000 Chinese characters
  • Support of Unihan information for Chinese characters
Additional Information